Friday, November 30, 2007

Hope for Middle East Peace

Hope for Middle East Peace
Ali Asghar Kazemi

November 29, 2006

Those who have condemned American sponsored new Middle East peace conference known as “Annapolis Summit” and launched pervasive campaign to abort the initiative, can not be considered as well-wisher for the Palestinian cause. Simple reason for this contention is that in politics you should never give up hope to reach your objective. Since, it has always been said that politics is the art of impossible.

To mention but a few examples, not long ago, who would imagine the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Empire? The truth that so far multiple attempts to settle deep-rooted problems in the Palestinian issue have failed, should not hampered our perception of a just and lasting peace in the conflict.

The fact that the initiative comes from the United States, as a self-proclaimed patron of world affairs, neither change anything from the justification nor from the substance of the venture. If some countries do not feel easy with this undertaking because of their own deep-rooted quarrels with US, this certainly does not give reason for their negative attitude towards the Middle East pace process, unless they have other intentions in the back of their minds. There is no need here to go into the detail of this argument nor is it wise to pinpoint ill-wishers who for the sake of their own wicked objectives invest on the obstruction of the undertaking.

Middle East Peace is not a far-fetched goal if parties directly involved in the conflict, including states and political factions on the one hand and all outsiders pretending to be more Catholic than the Pope, but seeking to settle their own problems, cease to pursue their selfish interests in the Palestinian arena./

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