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Strategic Implications of Nobel Peace Prize for Obama


Strategic Implications of Nobel Peace Prize for Obama

A. A. Kazemi

October 10, 2009


Whatever the true intention and justification behind the decision of the Committee of Nobel Peace Prize to give this prestigious award to Barack Obama, the event should be optimistically taken as a heavenly grace for peace and order in the Middle East in general and Iran in Particular. Though previous politician winners of the prize failed to achieve much in this respect, there is hope that at this critical point of time, when Iran is under increasing pressure and military threats from outside, President Obama would feel very reluctant to opt for a harsh and hostile strategy against the Islamic regime for its nuclear ambitions.

The mere fact that the Nobel Peace prize is awarded to a powerful figure like the incumbent president of the United States, would prevent him, from a psychological point of view, to keep extreme policy options, such as use of hard power on the table against Iran. This would also mean that he might not endorse any preemptive strike against strategic targets inside Iran by Israel, should diplomatic negotiations fail to achieve constructive results. This is of course a very important achievement of the award.

Therefore, it is safe to suggest that the Islamic regime should be happy about the event and ought to seize the opportunity not to aggravate the situation by broadcasting negative analyses about the decision of the Committee of Peace Prize in the state radio and television. It should either keep silent or praise the event and embark on the occasion by putting full effort on the diplomatic endeavor underway with the 5+1 powers.

This will further encourage the American President to support peaceful means for the settlement of the nuclear issue with Islamic regime and abstain from endorsing any harsh measure that could put at risk Iran’s national interests and security in the region./


Ali Asghar Kazemi is professor of Law and International Relations in Tehran, Iran. See:

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