Friday, January 25, 2008

NIE Report and Iran's Nuclear Challenge

NIE Report and Iran’s Nuclear Challenge
Ali Asghar Kazemi
January 2008


Amid heated debate about US President
claim that Iran’s nuclear ambitions could start World War III, the official NIE report on the matter came as a shock to all. Whatever the true intention behind the US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) report on Iran’s nuclear project, it had the following immediate consequences:
It prompted the Islamic regime to construe the report as a proof of innocence and peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities;
It gave Iranian hardliners some self-confidence and security assurance about their defying stance;
It encouraged “revolutionary coast guard” to challenge US warships’ “transit passage” through the Strait of Hormoz during recent Bush’s trip to the region;
It instilled Russians to deliver the first shipment of enriched uranium for Iran’s nuclear power plant at Bushehr as a deterrent safeguard against any eventual preemptive strike;
It induced Russia and China to stiffen their position on the matter in the UN Security Council;
It relieved US President from a mounting psychological pressure exerted by Neo-Con folks in Washington to go for military option against Iran; and finally
It assured pacifists in America and elsewhere that the United States will not venture another war in the Middle East. .....Continued...

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